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No. Name abstract title Date Session Code Panel Number Topic Code
1 Toshiaki AIDA Non-linearity and Renormalization in Non-parametric Bayesian Statistical Inference Fri PP4 PP4-10-1 10
2 Takuma AKIMOTO Weak Ergodicity Breaking in Random Walk Driven by Stored Energy Thu PP3 PP3-1-1 1
3 Carlo ALBERT Finite-time Thermodynamics and Bayesian Learning Fri PP4 PP4-10-2 10
4 Raquel ALVAREZ BANOS The correspondence between long-range and short-range spin glasses Tue PP2 PP2-8-1 8
5 Mark ANCLIFF Spin coherent state path integral approach to a model of escape from adaptive conflict Mon PP1 PP1-9-1 9
6 Sergio ANDRAUS ROBAYO Freezing Properties of Radial Dunkl Processes Tue PP2 PP2-3-1 3
7 Minjung ANN Cooperation of molecular motors in the intracellular cargo transport Mon PP1 PP1-9-2 9
8 Yuta ASANO Phase diagram of the Lennard-Jones system Mon PP1 PP1-2-1 2
9 Antonio ASTILLERO Analysis of computing grid infrastructures from a complex networks perspective Fri PP4 PP4-10-3 10
10 Jeetu BABU Calculation of slip length in nanofluidics using theory of reaction rates and modification to bi-viscosity model Thu PP3 PP3-5-1 5
11 Seung Ki BAEK Nonequilibrium steady state of the kinetic Glauber Ising model under a periodically time-varying magnetic field Tue PP2 PP2-3-2 3
12 Woon Hak BAEK  Analyses of Dynamical Phase Transitions in Neural Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-4 10
13 Marco BAITY-JESI Phase diagram of 3-dimensional Heisenberg Spin Glasses with Random Anisotropy through massive GPU simulations Tue PP2 PP2-8-2 8
14 Robert BALDOCK Nested Sampling for Bulk Matter Thu PP3 PP3-1-2 1
15 Matthieu BARBIER Urn models and product dynamics in international trade Fri PP4 PP4-10-5 10
16 Aline BARBOSA Investigation of Ayahuasca effects on the Brain by using Complex Networks Analysis Fri PP4 PP4-10-6 10
17 Panayotis BENETATOS Bundling in brushes of directed and semiflexible polymers Thu PP3 PP3-4-1 4
18 Bhaswati BHATTACHARYYA Large deviation properties of population averages: An indicator of gene expression dynamics in a single cell Mon PP1 PP1-9-3 9
19 Shyamal BISWAS A complete theory for the magnetism of an ideal gas of electrons Thu PP3 PP3-1-3 1
20 Elmar BITTNER Parallel-tempering cluster algorithm Mon PP1 PP1-2-2 2
21 Matthew BLOW Interfacial motion in flexo- and order-electric switching between nematic filled states Thu PP3 PP3-4-2 4
22 Dima BOLMATOV Universal scaling behavior of supercritical state of matter Mon PP1 PP1-2-3 2
23 Zoe BUDRIKIS Size effects in depinning models for plastic yield Fri PP4 PP4-10-7 10
24 Kevin CAHILL Quantum Field Theories with Finite Green's Functions Thu PP3 PP3-7-1 7
25 Andrea CAIROLI Work fluctuations in disordered media: a continuous-time random walk approach Tue PP2 PP2-8-3 8
26 Diego CARVALHO Quantum Anisotropic Spin-1 Heisenberg Ferromagnetic Model in a Crystal Field: A Variational Approach Mon PP1 PP1-2-4 2
27 Pavel CASTRO-VILLARREAL Brownian motion on non-Euclidean geometries Thu PP3 PP3-1-4 1
28 Huiseung CHAE Phase transisions and scaling relations in Paradigm models Fri PP4 PP4-10-8 10
29 Shu-chiuan CHANG Zeros of the Potts model partition function on the Sierpinski gasket Thu PP3 PP3-1-5 1
30 Hung-yu CHANG Structural Characteristics of Onion-like Multi-layered Polymersome Formed by Amphiphilic Comb-like Graft Copolymers Thu PP3 PP3-4-3 4
31 Cheng-chung CHANG Wetting Behavior of a Drop Sitting on a Crevice Thu PP3 PP3-5-2 5
32 Wen-yang CHANG Bacterial Motion near the slipping boundary Mon PP1 PP1-9-4 9
33 Woosik CHOI Classification of transport backbone of complex networks Thu PP3 PP3-1-6 1
34 Chulho CHOI Temporal Behaviors of Order Parameter in Kuramoto Model on Networks Mon PP1 PP1-2-5 2
35 Jeehye CHOI Modeling Random Walk with Memory Tue PP2 PP2-3-3 3
36 Bongsik CHOI Observation of the Brownian dynamics from molecular dynamics simulations: the Generalized Langevin Equation approach Thu PP3 PP3-5-3 5
37 Jae-yoon CHOI BKT-to-BEC crossover of the superfluid in a trapped 2D Bose gas Thu PP3 PP3-7-2 7
38 Jeong-mo CHOI Statistical Mechanics of Protein Docking Designability Mon PP1 PP1-9-5 9
39 Saerom CHOI Transport of an active brownian particle with asymmetric conversion rate under external fields. Mon PP1 PP1-9-6 9
40 Chi Wun CHOI Adaptive Rock-Paper-Scissors Model on Co-evolving Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-9 10
41 Tae-soo CHON Inferring Intermittency in Single- and Two-Individual Movement in Response to Chemical Exposure Mon PP1 PP1-9-7 9
42 Chung-i CHOU Application of Pedestrian Dynamics: Relieving the Congestion of a T-intersection in Campus Fri PP4 PP4-10-10 10
43 Ying-shan CHOU The Long-tail Behaviors of Cosmetics Price Distributions in Taiwan and Japan: A Agent-Based Model Approach Fri PP4 PP4-10-11 10
44 Kamal CHOUDHARY Investigation of two-dimensional lattice thermal transport in graphene using phonon scattering mechanism Thu PP3 PP3-7-3 7
45 Kihong CHUNG Phase Transition Observed in SIR Model with Social Reinforcement Mon PP1 PP1-2-6 2
46 Chun Kit CHUNG Vortex-induced Hall effect in chiral $p$-wave superconductors near Kosterlitz-Thouless transition without magnetic field Tue PP2 PP2-3-4 3
47 Hiroaki DAIDO Aging Transition in a Population of Excitable and Oscillatory Units Fri PP4 PP4-6-1 6
48 Tamoghna DAS Non-affine deformations in a sheared crystal and a hidden elastic critical point Tue PP2 PP2-8-4 8
49 Sumita DATTA The dynamics of the one-dimensional delta-interacting Bose gas in an infinIte square well Tue PP2 PP2-3-5 3
50 sarah DE NIGRIS Critical behaviour of the XY-rotors model on networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-12 10
51 Vanessa DE SOUZA Competition between glass and del, a continuous-time random walk description Tue PP2 PP2-8-5 8
52 Aurelien DECELLE A decimation procedure for model selection in the Ising inverse problem Fri PP4 PP4-10-13 10
53 Zehui DENG Free energy of triangular domains at criticality Mon PP1 PP1-2-7 2
54 Christophe DEROULERS Exclusion processes: short range correlations induced by adhesion and contact interactions Mon PP1 PP1-9-8 9
55 Marina DIAKONOVA Fragmentation Transition in Multilayer Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-14 10
56 Yimin DING Percolation Phase Transition in Random Clique Networks Mon PP1 PP1-2-8 2
57 Eduardo DO CARMO Robustness against extinction by stochastic sex determination in small populations Mon PP1 PP1-9-9 9
58 Ulrich DOBRAMYSL Monte Carlo and Langevin dynamics simulations for the steady-state and relaxation properties of magnetic flux lines in type-II superconductors Tue PP2 PP2-8-6 8
59 Isaac DONNELLY Pattern Formation on Networks with Reactions: A Continuous Time Random Walk Approach Fri PP4 PP4-6-2 6
60 Alexander DUBKOV Temporal characteristics of steady-state Brownian diffusion and Levy flights in potential wells Thu PP3 PP3-1-7 1
61 Xavier DURANG Statistical mechanics of the coagulation-diffusion process with a stochastic resetting Tue PP2 PP2-3-6 3
62 Young-ho EOM Google matrix analysis of Wikipedia articles and Physical Reviews citation networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-15 10
63 Riza ERDEM Spin-Lattice Relaxation within a Dimerized Ising Chain Undergoing Spin-Peierls Transition in a Magnetic Field Tue PP2 PP2-3-7 3
64 Wahb ETTOUMI Emergence and lifetimes of quasistationary states in the Hamiltonian Mean Field model Tue PP2 PP2-3-8 3
65 Xiaobing FENG Systemic Risk and Cascading Failures in a Global Banking & Clearing Settlement Network Fri PP4 PP4-10-16 10
66 Ana FIALHO Donuts and twist: Cholesteric liquid crystals confined in toroidal droplets Thu PP3 PP3-4-4 4
67 Mathias FOO Mathematical modelling of circadian clock in Arabidopsis thaliana using system identification techniques Mon PP1 PP1-9-10 9
68 Masafumi FUJIMOTO Anisotropic Correlation Lengths in Two-Dimensional Ising Models Mon PP1 PP1-2-9 2
69 Susumu FUJIWARA Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Micelle Formation and Micellar Shape Change in Amphiphilic Solution Thu PP3 PP3-4-5 4
70 Achille GIACOMETTI The isotropic-to-nematic phase transition in hard helices: Onsager theory and Monte Carlo simulations Thu PP3 PP3-5-4 5
71 Segun GOH Criticality, scaling and renormalization in intra-urban passenger flow Fri PP4 PP4-10-17 10
72 Gyeong-Gyun HA Big Changes of the Network Properties in Stock Markets around Global Financial Crisise Fri PP4 PP4-10-18 10
73 Christopher HAMER The S = 1 Bilinear Biquadratic Spin Model on the Square Lattice: A Series Mon PP1 PP1-2-10 2
74 Seung Kee HAN Dynamic Burstiness of Word-occurrence and Network Modularity in Textbooks Fri PP4 PP4-10-19 10
75 Hendrik HANSEN-GOOS Random distribution assumption for anti-freeze proteins Mon PP1 PP1-9-11 9
76 Ryohei HARA Entropic effects of solvent on big sphere dynamics into a cylindical vessel Mon PP1 PP1-9-12 9
77 Manabu HASEGAWA A Function-Based Reconsideration of Stochastic Optimization Methods Fri PP4 PP4-10-20 10
78 Kazunari HASHIMOTO An exact solution of the Liouville-von Neumann equation for weakly-coupled one-dimensional quantum Lorentz gas and non-equilibrium transport process in non-hydrodynamic situation Tue PP2 PP2-3-9 3
79 Yoichiro HASHIZUME Order formation in glass-like systems with many-body interactions Tue PP2 PP2-8-7 8
80 Takahiro HATANO Microscopic Derivation of Empirical Friction Law Tue PP2 PP2-3-10 3
81 Dahai HE Quantum thermal conduction through nano-junctions: A self-consistent phonon approach Tue PP2 PP2-3-11 3
82 Dieter HEERMANN Interaction between Looped-Star Polymers Mon PP1 PP1-9-13 9
83 Alejandro Raul HERNANDEZ MONTOYA Assessing Symmetry and Efficiency in Markets by Length Trend Analysis Fri PP4 PP4-10-21 10
84 Jose HERRERA-PACHECO Transport properties for electrolytes using the MSA with a Yukawa closure Tue PP2 PP2-3-12 3
85 Choon-lin HO Similarity solutions of Fokker-Planck equations with time-dependent coefficients and fixed/moving boundaries Thu PP3 PP3-1-8 1
86 Danh-tai HOANG Self-organization of pancreatic islets Mon PP1 PP1-9-14 9
87 Takehiko HORITA Synchronization Effect in Time Periodic Immunotherapy for a Tumor-immune Interaction Model Mon PP1 PP1-9-15 9
88 Yu HSU A simple elastic model for wrinkle formation Thu PP3 PP3-4-6 4
89 Zhifu HUANG Conditional statistical properties of the complex systems having long-range interactions Thu PP3 PP3-1-9 1
90 Haiping HUANG Adaptive Thouless-Anderson-Palmer approach to inverse Ising problems with quenched random fields Fri PP4 PP4-10-22 10
91 Ding-wei HUANG Congestion emerged as decision-making processes Fri PP4 PP4-10-23 10
92 Chi-ok HWANG Charge density calculation via random walks Fri PP4 PP4-10-24 10
93 Jo HYERAN Promoting the Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes by using Lyotropic Liquid Crystals at very low Surfactant Concentration Thu PP3 PP3-4-7 4
94 Park Ji HYUN Self-organization of discotic liquid crystal into molecular wires Thu PP3 PP3-4-8 4
95 Takayuki ICHIKAWA Quantum annealing in the p-spin ferromagnet in random fields Thu PP3 PP3-7-4 7
96 Thomas IHLE Phase transitions and solitons in self-propelled particles: mean-field kinetic theory and diagrammatic approach Mon PP1 PP1-9-16 9
97 Takashi IMAMURA Exact height distribution for the stationary one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation Tue PP2 PP2-3-13 3
98 Hideshi ISHIDA Optimal coefficients of noisy Burgers equation modeled on the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation Thu PP3 PP3-5-5 5
99 Shungo ISHINO Instability of countersuperflow in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates Thu PP3 PP3-7-5 7
100 Masaharu ISOBE Cluster Impact and Shock Wave Propagation in Freely Evolving Granular Gas Thu PP3 PP3-4-9 4
101 Shin-ichi ITO Dynamical scaling law of fragment distribution in drying crack pattern Fri PP4 PP4-6-3 6
103 Heather JENNINGS Multifractality and heteroscedastic dynamics in Music Mon PP1 PP1-9-17 9
104 Jaehong JEONG Spin dynamics of room-temperature multiferroic BiFeO3 Thu PP3 PP3-7-6 7
105 Byeongha JEONG The coexistence of 'heterogeneity' and 'coherence' in the phase distribution of clock cell populations in SCN Mon PP1 PP1-9-18 9
106 Seong-min JEONG Reaction rate of synaptotagmin anchored synapse vesicle membrane fusion Mon PP1 PP1-9-19 9
108 Lee JINWOO A Microstate as an Ensemble: How thermodynamic quantities behave between microstates. Tue PP2 PP2-3-15 3
109 Woo Seong JO Finite-size scaling of heterogeneity in 2D Ising model Mon PP1 PP1-2-11 2
110 Junghyo JO In-phase and out-of-phase synchronization in the cells of pancreatic islets Mon PP1 PP1-9-20 9
111 Jaewook JOO Necessary and sufficient conditions for noise-inducd oscillations in biochemical reaction networks Mon PP1 PP1-9-21 9
112 Youngkyun JUNG Free expansion of a compressed self-avoiding chain in a cylindrical pore Mon PP1 PP1-9-22 9
113 Deok Du KANG Dynamical Variation Characteristics of the Particulate Matter and Its Climate Influencing Factors Using the Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis Fri PP4 PP4-10-25 10
114 Kazuki KANKI Quantum hydrodynamic modes with Hofstadter's butterfly-like fractal spectrum of the Liouville-von Neumann operator for molecular chains Tue PP2 PP2-3-16 3
115 Michael KASTNER Relaxation timescales and decay of correlations in long-range quantum Ising models Thu PP3 PP3-7-7 7
116 Makoto KATORI Conformal Martingale Representations of Log-Gases Tue PP2 PP2-3-17 3
117 Netram KAURAV Investigation of high pressure structural phase transition in TlX (X = N, P, As) compounds Mon PP1 PP1-2-12 2
118 Kyogo KAWAGUCHI Increase and Decrease of Entropy Production After Reducing Variables Thu PP3 PP3-1-10 1
119 Mina KIM Numerical Confirmation of New Universality Class of Nonequilibrium Chiral Ising Models for Coarsening Dynamics Mon PP1 PP1-2-13 2
120 Sang-woo KIM Random deposition with relaxation model on uv flower networks Tue PP2 PP2-3-18 3
121 Jaeup KIM Mean Field Theory for Linear and Ring Polymers Thu PP3 PP3-4-10 4
122 Changho KIM Microscopic Origin of Drag Force in Brownian Motion Thu PP3 PP3-5-6 5
123 Aaram KIM Effects of Orbital Anisotropy on the Phase Transitions in the Two-Orbital Hubbard Thu PP3 PP3-7-8 7
124 Dong-hee KIM Exotic Paired States of Ultracold Fermi Gases in 1D-3D Dimensional Crossover Thu PP3 PP3-7-9 7
125 Sang-woo KIM Instability for an ideal bose gas in a box Thu PP3 PP3-7-10 7
126 Jeongmin KIM Component Decoupling and Glass-Forming Ability of Multicomponent Metallic Supercooled Liquids Tue PP2 PP2-8-8 8
127 Minsu KIM Dynamics of microbial communities on patchy rough surfaces - hydration and diffusion mediated self-organized consortia Mon PP1 PP1-9-23 9
128 June KIM Transitions among multiple burst-oscillators in cultured neural networks Mon PP1 PP1-9-24 9
129 Seongjin KIM Conformational phase transitions and selective gating functions of nuclear pore complexes Mon PP1 PP1-9-25 9
130 Juin KIM Compaction of a flexible polymer by depletion forces in a confined space Mon PP1 PP1-9-26 9
131 Junhyeok KIM Effect of Clustering on Spiking Variability in Inhomogeneous Network Mon PP1 PP1-9-27 9
132 Kyungsik KIM Analyses for the Prediction of Future Prices in the Structure of Group Correlations Fri PP4 PP4-10-26 10
133 Jung Yeol KIM Coevolution and correlated multiplexity in multiplex networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-27 10
134 Young Jin KIM Network of Strategies in Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma game with a limited memory Fri PP4 PP4-10-28 10
135 Daniel KIM Quantitative Analysis of the Annals of the Joseon dynasty Fri PP4 PP4-10-29 10
136 Vincent KIM Ionic Self-assembly of Thin Films: Analytical and Experimental Results Fri PP4 PP4-10-30 10
137 Jong Won KIM Fragmented sleep-wake cycle in intensive-care-unit patients Fri PP4 PP4-10-31 10
138 Seunghyeon KIM Large-scale Analysis of Human Diet in the Nutritional Basis Fri PP4 PP4-10-32 10
139 Minkyung KIM Network analysis of REM-NREM transition in sleep disorders Fri PP4 PP4-10-33 10
140 Tae-wook KO Multiscale Ensemble Clustering for Finding Modules in Complex Networks Thu PP3 PP3-1-11 1
141 Jae-hyeon KO Acoustic Properties of Polymeric Materials Studied by High-pressure Brillouin Light Scattering Tue PP2 PP2-8-9 8
142 Oleksandr KOBRYN Multiscale modeling of polymeric systems in solution: from quantum chemistry to integral equation theory of molecular liquids and to dissipative particle dynamics Thu PP3 PP3-4-11 4
144 Je Huan KOO Metallic Ferromagnetism by Finite Block Spins Fri PP4 PP4-10-34 10
145 Kazue KUDO Domain growth in a ferromagnetic Bose-Einstein condensate Fri PP4 PP4-6-4 6
146 Yuta KUMANO Response to a twist in systems with Zp symmetry Mon PP1 PP1-2-14 2
147 Anupam KUNDU Exact distributions of the number of distinct and common sites visited by N independent random walkers Tue PP2 PP2-3-19 3
148 Masaya KUNIMI Stability analysis of two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates in the presence of a Gaussian potential Thu PP3 PP3-7-11 7
149 Hiroto KUNINAKA Multiplicative model of children's growth and its statistical properties Mon PP1 PP1-9-28 9
150 Svetlana KURUSHINA Spatial patterns in multicomponent reaction-diffusion systems in present of noise: mean field approximation and Fokker-Planck equation for unstable mode amplitudes Fri PP4 PP4-6-5 6
151 Tomotaka KUWAHARA Complementary inequality between the energy gap and fluctuation Thu PP3 PP3-7-12 7
152 Wooseop KWAK Effective Simulation Method for Determination of Critical Line of the Blume-Capel Model Mon PP1 PP1-2-15 2
153 Yongkyung KWON 4He adsorption on alpha-graphyne Thu PP3 PP3-7-13 7
154 Tae Goo KWON Trail Networks Formed by Populations of Immune Cells Mon PP1 PP1-9-29 9
155 Jaegu KYOUNG Self-attracting walks on complex networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-35 10
156 Peter LAJKO Phase transition in the Bornholdt model Mon PP1 PP1-2-16 2
157 Yves LANSAC DNA-protamine bundles formation Mon PP1 PP1-9-30 9
158 Luciano LAPAS A thermokinetic approach to radiative transfer at the nanoscale Thu PP3 PP3-4-12 4
159 Hyun Keun LEE Fluctuation Theorems and Entropy Production with Odd-Parity Variables Thu PP3 PP3-1-12 1
160 Jun-ho LEE Ferrimagnetic Slater Insulator Phase of the Sn/Ge(111) Surface Mon PP1 PP1-2-17 2
161 Mi Jin LEE Dynamic criticality in the Kuramoto model in the presence of quenched and thermal disorder Mon PP1 PP1-2-18 2
162 Sang LEE Initial-state dependence of critical behavior for absorbing phase transitions in discrete conserved manna model Tue PP2 PP2-3-20 3
163 Dong Yun LEE Experimental Study of Fluctuation Theorem Using a Colloidal Particle Under Optical Trap With The Strength Changing With Time Tue PP2 PP2-3-21 3
164 Ho LEE Three body problem and chaos Fri PP4 PP4-6-6 6
165 Hyeong Jun LEE Interplay of the spin-orbit interaction and the sublattice potential in the Kane-Mele-Hubbard model Thu PP3 PP3-7-14 7
166 Jooyoung LEE Optimal community structure reveals maximum information of networks: a showcase for protein function annotation Mon PP1 PP1-9-31 9
167 Ho Jun LEE The evolution of synaptic weight distribution of a model neuronal network subject to a “Δt stimulation” Mon PP1 PP1-9-32 9
168 Yongjin LEE Limiting-law excess sum rule for polyelectrolytes Mon PP1 PP1-9-33 9
169 Dongmyeong LEE Dynamics of the Spontaneous Brain Activities with Noise-induced Population Model Mon PP1 PP1-9-34 9
170 Nam-kyung LEE Elastic Properties of Partly Denatured DNA Mon PP1 PP1-9-35 9
171 Kyu-min LEE Correlated multiplexity of multiplex networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-36 10
172 Sang Hoon LEE Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match: migration of population via marriages in the past Fri PP4 PP4-10-37 10
173 Jeho LEE Roles of Giant Cluster in Knowledge Diffusion and Recombination Fri PP4 PP4-10-38 10
174 Meir LEWKOWICZ Chiral Anomaly and Strength of the Electron-Electron Interaction in Graphene Thu PP3 PP3-7-15 7
175 Zhi LI Thermodynamic Casimir forces induced by corner and edge effects Mon PP1 PP1-2-19 2
176 Yueh-feng LI Evaporation Stains: Suppressing Coffee-Ring Effect by Contact Angle Hysteresis Thu PP3 PP3-5-8 5
178 Yu-en LIANG Equilibrium Phase Diagram of Drops at the Bottom of a Fiber Standing on Superhydrophobic Surfaces Thu PP3 PP3-5-10 5
179 Woochang LIM Sparsely Synchronized Brain Rhythm in A Small-World Neural Network Mon PP1 PP1-9-36 9
180 Yunglung LIN Physical properties and fusion behaviors of small polymersomes formed by rod-coil diblock copolymers Thu PP3 PP3-4-13 4
181 Hsiu-hau LIN A new classification scheme of superconducting phases by renormalization-­?group exponents Thu PP3 PP3-7-16 7
182 Wei-hsuan LIN Anisotropic diffusion of passive particles in bacterial flow Mon PP1 PP1-9-37 9
183 Min LU Entanglement Spectrum of Fractional Quantum Hall Droplets Thu PP3 PP3-7-17 7
184 Linyuan LU Solving the accuracy-diversity dilemma of recommender systems via weighted heat conduction on bipartite networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-39 10
185 Hui MA Calculating the Ground-state Entropy of Q-colouring Problem on Random Triangular Lattice Fri PP4 PP4-10-40 10
186 Miguel Angel MAESTRE Orientationally constrained Janus model fluids Thu PP3 PP3-5-11 5
187 Michael MAITLAND Fluctuation relations and information thermodynamics: towards applications in interacting particle systems Tue PP2 PP2-3-22 3
188 Balachandran MANAVALAN Random Forest-Based Protein Model Quality Assessment (RFMQA) using its structural features and potential energy terms Mon PP1 PP1-9-38 9
189 Indrek MANDRE Intersections of moving fractal sets Fri PP4 PP4-6-7 6
190 Antonio Andre MANOEL Statistical Mechanics of Reputation Systems in Autonomous Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-41 10
191 Elliot MARTIN Estimation of Time Delays in Non-Stationary Systems Fri PP4 PP4-10-42 10
192 Ricardo MARTINEZ-GARCIA Optimal search in an interacting population. The case of the Mongolian gazelle. Mon PP1 PP1-9-39 9
193 Anders MARTINSSON On the existence of accessible paths in various models of fitness landscapes Mon PP1 PP1-9-40 9
194 Hans-georg MATUTTIS Micro-avalanches of granular particles inside rotating drums: a numerical and experimental study Thu PP3 PP3-4-14 4
195 Irina MAZILU Cooperative Sequential Adsorption and Evaporation Models on a Bethe Lattice: Analytical Results and Applications Tue PP2 PP2-3-23 3
196 Abraham MEDINA Erosion by a foam of the inner oily-film in a pipe Thu PP3 PP3-5-12 5
197 Aleksei MELKIKH Efficient energy transformation inside a cell from the point of view of statistical physics Mon PP1 PP1-9-41 9
198 Fernando METZ Transition between localized and extended states in the hierarchical Anderson model Thu PP3 PP3-7-18 7
199 Byungjoon MIN Absence of epidemic outbreaks with heavy-tailed contact dynamics Fri PP4 PP4-10-43 10
200 Ryoji MIYAZAKI Frustration in the vicinity of the transition point of spin glasses Tue PP2 PP2-8-10 8
201 Shogo MIZUTAKA Percolation on Scale-free Networks by Overload Failures Fri PP4 PP4-10-44 10
202 Jong Kyun MOON Electrical power generation by using water droplets Thu PP3 PP3-5-13 5
203 Joon-young MOON On Measuring Fractality of Weighted Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-45 10
204 Ramis MOVASSAGH Time-Asymmetric Process in Central Force Scatterings Tue PP2 PP2-3-24 3
205 Yoshihiro MURAYAMA 1-d diffusion of a 100 nm diameter Au particle along the thermally fluctuating DNA Mon PP1 PP1-9-42 9
206 Jan NAGLER Devil’s Staircases, Crackling Noise and Phase Transitions in Percolation Mon PP1 PP1-2-20 2
207 Amin NAJAFI A Monte Carlo Study of Defect-Mediated Topological Phase Transition (KTHNY) and Ordering - Disordering State of Colloidal Particles on 2D Periodic Substrates Mon PP1 PP1-2-21 2
208 Yohei NAKAYAMA Consistency of Stochastic Thermodynamics in the Different Scales of Description Tue PP2 PP2-3-25 3
209 Johannes NEIDHART On the amplitude spectra of fitness Landscapes Mon PP1 PP1-9-43 9
210 Shi Han NG Formation of Granular Heaps in Fluids Thu PP3 PP3-4-15 4
211 Wenxing NIE Ground-state Energies of Spinless Free Fermions and Hard-core Bosons Thu PP3 PP3-7-19 7
212 Astrid NIEDERLE The disordered Bose-Hubbard model and percolating SF clusters Tue PP2 PP2-8-11 8
213 Ryosuke NISHI Baysian Collective Opinion Formation under Confirmation Bias Fri PP4 PP4-10-46 10
214 Daiki NISHIGUCHI Wriggling Motions of Chains formed by Self-Propelled Particles Thu PP3 PP3-4-16 4
215 Masamichi NISHINO Crossover of the roughness exponent for interface growth dynamics in elastic long-range interaction systems Tue PP2 PP2-3-26 3
216 Akinori NISHINO Many-body resonances in double quantum-dot systems Thu PP3 PP3-7-20 7
217 Junghyun NOH Optical Properties and Ordering Phenomena of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Droplets and Shells Thu PP3 PP3-4-17 4
218 Tomoyuki OBUCHI Monte Carlo simulations of the three-dimensional XY spin glass focusing on chiral and spin order Tue PP2 PP2-8-12 8
219 Suhk Kun OH Exact Time Evolution of a Classical Spin in a Longitudinal Field for the System of a Classical Spin Plus Harmonic Oscillator Bath Thu PP3 PP3-1-13 1
220 Joosung OH Magnon damping and decay observed in hexagonal multiferroic LuMnO3 Thu PP3 PP3-7-21 7
221 Sung-sik OH Gating functions of nuclear pore complexes by biphasic nature of nucleoporins Mon PP1 PP1-9-44 9
222 Gabjin OH Portfolio selection using complex network Fri PP4 PP4-10-47 10
223 Takaaki OHNISHI The Mechanism behind Power-Law Distribution of Housing Prices Fri PP4 PP4-10-48 10
224 Young-gie OHR Wien Effect in Simple Strong Electrolytes of Hard Sphere Ions Tue PP2 PP2-3-27 3
225 Kouichi OKUNISHI Negative sign problem of the bilinear-biquadratic spin chai Thu PP3 PP3-7-22 7
226 Hiraku OSHIMA Effects of sugars on the thermal stability of a protein Mon PP1 PP1-9-45 9
227 Katsuya OUCHI Lyapunov exponent analysis on the onset of the strong generalized-synchronization Fri PP4 PP4-6-8 6
228 Yukiyasu OZEKI Improved KT scaling for nonequilibrium relaxation analysis by the use of Bayesian inference and kernel method Mon PP1 PP1-2-22 2
229 Rahul PANDIT Elastic-Turbulence-Induced Melting of a Nonequilibrium Vortex Crystal in a Fluid Film with Polymers Tue PP2 PP2-3-28 3
230 Francesco PARISEN TOLDIN Critical Casimir forces in the presence of random local adsorption preference Mon PP1 PP1-2-23 2
231 Jong-min PARK The joint probability density functions for work and heat in a two dimensional linear diffusion system Thu PP3 PP3-1-14 1
232 Hye Jin PARK Stochastic resonance in two-dimensional q-state clock model Mon PP1 PP1-2-24 2
233 Jeong-man PARK Short-time response function of the modular dilute Sherrington-Kirkpatrick spin glass model Tue PP2 PP2-3-29 3
234 Pyeong PARK Multiparticle Collision Dynamics Simulation of Polyelectrolyte Electrophoresis Thu PP3 PP3-4-18 4
235 Sungjin PARK Helium Buckyballs on the $H_{2}$-preplated $C_{20}$ Surface Thu PP3 PP3-7-23 7
236 Su-chan PARK A two-fold advantage of sex Mon PP1 PP1-9-46 9
237 Juyong PARK Bayesian Inference of Natural Rankings in Incomplete Competition Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-49 10
238 Jungjun PARK Heat engine driven by purely quantum information Fri PP4 PP4-10-50 10
239 Marissa PASTOR Architectural Scaling for Online Information Processing Mon PP1 PP1-9-47 9
240 Iveta PIMENTEL Spin Correlations and Magnetic Susceptibilities of Lightly Doped Antiferromagnets Thu PP3 PP3-7-24 7
241 Shaomeng QIN Free Energy Plefka Chain-Expansion for nite-dimensional Ising Model Tue PP2 PP2-8-13 8
242 Tian QIU Promoting the Personalized Recommendation via a Scaling-based Algorithm Fri PP4 PP4-10-51 10
243 Shafiqur RAHMAN Using simple average of spin distributions to predict phase transitions in an anti-ferromagnetic Potts model Mon PP1 PP1-2-25 2
244 Samriddhi RAY Turbulence in non-integer dimensions by fractal Fourier decimation Tue PP2 PP2-3-30 3
245 Franck RAYNAUD How protrusion/retraction switch controls cell shape and motion Mon PP1 PP1-9-48 9
246 Suting REN Centrality and Percolation in International Trade Network Fri PP4 PP4-10-52 10
247 Xiaolong REN Identifying the influential spreaders in complex networks: a combination of degree centrality and network decomposition Fri PP4 PP4-10-53 10
248 Sunghan RO Separation of Chiral Objects in Flow Thu PP3 PP3-4-19 4
249 Jacopo ROCCHI Critical Exponents of the Random Field Hierarchical Model Tue PP2 PP2-8-14 8
250 Rosalio RODRIGUEZ Fractional hydrodynamic fluctuations in the light scattered by a viscoelastic suspension Tue PP2 PP2-3-31 3
251 Mauricio ROMERO Thermal rectification and negative differential thermal resistance in one-dimensional mass-grades lattices Tue PP2 PP2-3-32 3
252 Stefano RUFFO Non-equilibrium stochastic long-range systems: kinetic theory and bistability Mon PP1 PP1-2-26 2
253 Ashwin S. SELVARAJAN Dynamical effects of the transcriptional apparatus formation in eukaryotic gene expression. Mon PP1 PP1-9-49 9
254 David SAAKIAN The developed turbulence models: the compound Poisson noise, critical indices and exact probability distribution function for hierarchic tree models Tue PP2 PP2-8-15 8
255 Soghra SAFAVERDI Diffusion and mobility in a narrow tube Tue PP2 PP2-3-33 3
256 Yohei SAIKA Statistical Mechanics of Phase Unwrapping Fri PP4 PP4-10-54 10
257 Yuji SAKAI Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method with Skew Detailed Balance Condition Thu PP3 PP3-1-15 1
258 Toru SAKAI Exotic Quantum Critical Phenomena of the Kagome-Lattice Antiferromagnet Thu PP3 PP3-7-25 7
259 Ayaka SAKATA Statistical Mechanical Analysis of Bayesian Optimal Dictionary Learning Fri PP4 PP4-10-55 10
260 Takahiro SAKAUE Statistics and Geometrical Picture of Ring Polymer Melts Thu PP3 PP3-4-20 4
261 Andres SANTOS Is it possible to construct a consistent fundamental-measure free energy for hard-sphere mixtures beyond scaled-particle theory? Thu PP3 PP3-4-21 4
262 Munetaka SASAKI Direct Numerical Detection of Ergodicity Breaking in a Lattice Glass Model Tue PP2 PP2-8-16 8
263 Isha SAVANI Configurational Probability for Two-Phase Steady-State Flow in Porous Media using Irreversible Thermodynamics Tue PP2 PP2-3-34 3
264 Raoul SCHRAM Lattice polymers as models for the folding of biopolymers Mon PP1 PP1-9-50 9
265 Daichi SEKI Z2 Berry phase as a local dimer order parameter of graphene flakes Thu PP3 PP3-7-26 7
266 Yuya SEKI Quantum Annealing with Antiferromagnetic Fluctuations for the Hopfield Model Thu PP3 PP3-7-27 7
267 Makoto SEKIYAMA Partial condensation and power law in aggregation and weighted chipping processes. Tue PP2 PP2-3-35 3
268 Seong Kyu SEO Characteristics of Topological Properties in Japanese Seismic Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-56 10
269 Beatriz SEOANE Temperature chaos in 3D Ising Spin Glasses is driven by rare events Tue PP2 PP2-8-17 8
270 Alexander SHCHEKIN Phase Transitions in Ensemble of Droplets on Soluble Nuclei Thu PP3 PP3-5-14 5
271 Leilei SHI Market Crowd Trading Conditioning, Agreement Price, and Volume Implications Fri PP4 PP4-10-57 10
272 Pyoung-seop SHIM Degree-order percolation transition on scale-free networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-58 10
273 Michiko SHIMOKAWA Transition between fractal and cell patterns derived from vertical convection Fri PP4 PP4-6-9 6
274 Dong-myeong SHIN Relaxation Phenomena in Supercooled Liquid and Glassy Enantiomer (+)-Ibuprofen Studied by Photon Correlation and Dielectric Spectroscopies Tue PP2 PP2-8-18 8
275 Jeongkyu SHIN Complementarity between bus and subway transportation networks in Korean metro cities Fri PP4 PP4-10-59 10
276 In Seob SHIN Information-theoretic Measures of Aesthetic Complexity in Mondrian and Pollock’s Paintings Fri PP4 PP4-10-60 10
277 Tatsuhiko SHIRAI Non-equilibrium phase transitions induced by interactions between photon and material in a cavity system Thu PP3 PP3-7-28 7
278 Naoto SHIRAISHI Anomalous System Size Dependence of Large Deviation Functions for Local Empirical Measure Tue PP2 PP2-3-36 3
279 Ihor SHVAB Heat Capacities and Transport Properties of Aqueous Nonpolar Solute Mixtures Thu PP3 PP3-1-16 1
280 Alina SIRBU External information effects in opinion dynamics Fri PP4 PP4-10-61 10
281 Hyungjoon SOH Memory Effect in Popularity of YouTube Videos Fri PP4 PP4-10-62 10
282 Jang-il SOHN The House-Keeping Entropy Production is Hidden in the Limit of Long Time Scale Tue PP2 PP2-3-37 3
283 Yunkyu SOHN Exploring the Solution Space of Community Detection Methods Fri PP4 PP4-10-63 10
284 Belbasi SOMAYYEH Simulation of vehicular traffic flow at intersection with traffic lights Tue PP2 PP2-3-38 3
285 Woo-sik SON Static properties of a synchronized state via the first order phase transition Mon PP1 PP1-2-27 2
286 Seung-woo SON A bilingualism model in a population with a single zealot Fri PP4 PP4-10-64 10
287 Juyong SONG Population balancing with switching Mon PP1 PP1-9-51 9
288 Bernardo SPAGNOLO Metastability and Relaxation in Quantum and Mesoscopic Systems Thu PP3 PP3-7-29 7
289 Yen SU Predictability of Avalanche Type Structural Rearrangement In Dusty Plasma Liquids Tue PP2 PP2-8-19 8
290 Seiichiro SUGA Three-Body Losses of Repulsively Interacting Three-Component Fermions in Optical Lattices Thu PP3 PP3-7-30 7
291 Yuki SUGHIYAMA Variational Principle in Statistical Physics Tue PP2 PP2-3-39 3
292 Wokyung SUNG Noise-Induced Resonances in Stretched Biopolymers Mon PP1 PP1-9-52 9
293 Hwang SUNGMIN Random Walks and Effective spectral dimension in heterogeneous networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-65 10
294 Saikishan SURYANARAYANAN A universality class involving both exponent and coefficient during the nonequilibrium evolution of a system with long-range interactions Tue PP2 PP2-3-40 3
295 Sei SUZUKI Random Ising Model on the Hexagonal Lattice: Analytic Results Mon PP1 PP1-2-28 2
296 Jozef SZNAJD Renormalization group approach to spinless two-band fermion model Mon PP1 PP1-2-29 2
297 Andrea TACCHELLA How the Product Network ignites development. Fri PP4 PP4-10-66 10
298 Satoshi TAKABE A relation between replica symmetry and a performance of approximation algorithms in minimum vertex cover problems on random uniform hypergraphs Tue PP2 PP2-8-20 8
299 Daisuke TAKAGI How synthetic microswimmers move, turn, flip, and spread Fri PP4 PP4-10-67 10
300 Toshiya TAKAMI Random Aggregation Models and Simulations for Coffee Fractals on Milk Thu PP3 PP3-5-15 5
301 Yuka TAKEHARA High-velocity granular friction near the jamming point Tue PP2 PP2-8-21 8
302 Hiromitsu TAKEUCHI Tachyon Condensation Due to Domain-Wall Annihilation in Bose-Einstein Condensates Tue PP2 PP2-3-41 3
303 Yuya TAKEUCHI Chaos in a spatially-homogeneous and anisotropic universe in Einstein's equation Fri PP4 PP4-6-10 6
304 Peter TALKNER Work staistics and fluctuation theorem for quantum systems in microcanonical initial states Tue PP2 PP2-3-42 3
305 Hisasi TANI The Effect of Viscous Normal Stress on Weakly Nonlinear Analysis of Interface Growth Thu PP3 PP3-5-16 5
306 Marie TANI Imbibition of Micro-patterned Surfaces Thu PP3 PP3-5-17 5
307 Masayuki TASHIMA Classification of Dirac Electron Systems under Double-Periodic and Quasiperiodic Potentials Thu PP3 PP3-7-31 7
308 Tohru TASHIRO M-σ relation in self-gravitating system Fri PP4 PP4-10-68 10
309 Fabrice THALMANN Molecular affinity and binding with Ising variables Mon PP1 PP1-9-53 9
310 George THOMAS Quantum Heat Engines with Prior Information Thu PP3 PP3-7-32 7
311 Anton TRUSHECHKIN Exact Solutions of the Boltzmann-Enskog kinetic equation for elastic and inelastic hard spheres Thu PP3 PP3-1-17 1
312 Junichi TSUDA Exactness of the mean-field theory for the random-field Ising model with long-range interactions Mon PP1 PP1-2-30 2
313 Takayuki UCHIDA Field-induced nematic cloud on the colloidal particles Thu PP3 PP3-4-22 4
314 Hideyuki UCHIDA CDMA Multiuser Modulation and Demodulation Robust to the Correlation between Data Fri PP4 PP4-10-69 10
315 Hiroshi UEDA Guiding Principle of Tensor Renormalization Group with Tensor Decomposition Method Mon PP1 PP1-2-31 2
316 Tatsuya UEZU Correspondence between Oscillator Network and Classical XY Model Fri PP4 PP4-10-70 10
317 Mikhail VASIN Gauge Theory of Glass Transition: description of liquid--glass transition as a critical phenomenon Mon PP1 PP1-2-32 2
318 Magnus WAAGE Thermodynamic stability and kinetic aspects of CH4 - CO2 hydrate exchange Tue PP2 PP2-3-43 3
319 Rongzheng WAN Asymmetric transportation induced by thermal noise at the nanoscale Fri PP4 PP4-10-71 10
320 Jiao WANG Transport Properties of Diatomic Chains of Hard-point Particles Tue PP2 PP2-3-44 3
321 Xiaoxing WANG Adverse effects on the accuracy for 'sampling with sign' in the Hubbard system Thu PP3 PP3-7-33 7
322 Chuang WANG Partition Function Expansion on Region Graphs Tue PP2 PP2-8-22 8
323 Shouwen WANG energy dissipation in adaptive molecular circuits Mon PP1 PP1-9-54 9
324 Lin WANG The effectiveness of the community-level intervention in limiting the spatial transmission of influenza pandemics Fri PP4 PP4-10-72 10
325 Po Ching WANG The Connections between Scaling Behaviors of Street Networks and Urban Characteristics in Taiwan Fri PP4 PP4-10-73 10
326 Piotr WARCHOŁ Burgers-like equation for diffusing chiral matrices. Fri PP4 PP4-10-74 10
327 Shunsuke WATANABE Cavity-based robustness analysis of intra- and inter-correlated networks Mon PP1 PP1-2-33 2
328 Akitomo WATANABE Self-organized Criticality of Catalytic Reactions in Inhomogeneous Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-75 10
329 K. Y. Michael WONG Intrinsic Behavior Determines Responses to Stimuli in Neural Fields: Delay Compensation Mon PP1 PP1-9-55 9
330 Ten-ming WU Localization-delocalization transition of Euclidean random matrices: Mobility edge of instantaneous normal modes Thu PP3 PP3-1-18 1
331 Xintian WU Block model for Griffiths phase Mon PP1 PP1-2-34 2
332 Ming-chya WU Damped oscillations in the ratios of stock market indices Fri PP4 PP4-10-76 10
333 Hongwei XU Analysis of Friendship Network in a Large-scale Social Network Fri PP4 PP4-10-77 10
334 Yingying XU Statistical mechanics approach to 1 bit compressed sensing Fri PP4 PP4-10-78 10
335 Shunsuke YABUNAKA Self propelled motion of a fluid droplet under chemical reaction Thu PP3 PP3-4-23 4
336 Nobuhisa YAMADA Suppression and Enhancement of Instability of an Unstable Particle by a Time-Periodic External Field Thu PP3 PP3-7-34 7
337 Yuuki YAMANAKA Finite-Size dependence of the energy gap in quantum first-order transitions Thu PP3 PP3-7-35 7
338 Wen-li YANG Determinant representations of correlation functions for the XXZ Gaudin model with non-diagonal boundary terms Thu PP3 PP3-1-19 1
339 Hyunmo YANG Optimal Clustering and Degree-Degree Correlations for Social Cooperativity in Structured Populations Tue PP2 PP2-3-45 3
340 Taeseok YANG Waves of ratcheting cancer cells in proliferating tumor layer Mon PP1 PP1-9-56 9
342 Satoshi YASUDA Structural Stability of Proteins in Aqueous and Nonpolar Environments Mon PP1 PP1-9-57 9
343 Su Do YI Nature of percolation transition in a growing network with an Achlioptas process Mon PP1 PP1-2-35 2
344 Il Gu YI Network dynamics in financial market Fri PP4 PP4-10-79 10
345 Maria YOKOTA Coalescence of viscous drops in quasi two-dimensional space Thu PP3 PP3-5-18 5
346 Cem YUCE Dynamical Control in a Quasi-periodically Modulated Optical Lattice Thu PP3 PP3-7-36 7
347 Jinhyuk YUN Role of experts in the emergence of new concepts Fri PP4 PP4-10-80 10
348 Helena ZAPOLSKY Atomic density function modeling of pattern formation. Tue PP2 PP2-3-46 3
349 Ying ZENG Solution space coupling in the random K-satisfiability problem Tue PP2 PP2-8-23 8
350 Yong ZHANG Breakdown of effective phonon theory in one-dimensional chains with asymmetric interactions Tue PP2 PP2-3-47 3
351 Gui-qing ZHANG Noise induced enhancement of network reciprocity in social dilemmas Fri PP4 PP4-10-81 10
352 Peng ZHANG Bootstrap Percolation on Bipartite Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-82 10
353 Jiang ZHANG Allometric Growth of Complex Networks Fri PP4 PP4-10-83 10
354 Jin-hua ZHAO Inducing Effect on the Percolation Transition in Complex Networks and Lattices Tue PP2 PP2-8-24 8
355 Zongzheng ZHOU Bond and site percolation in two and three dimensions Mon PP1 PP1-2-36 2
356 Zicong ZHOU Stretching instability of an intrinsically curved semiflexible biopolymer Mon PP1 PP1-9-58 9
357 Haijun ZHOU Witness of Unsatisfiability for the Random 3-SAT Problem: Mean-Field Analysis and Heuristic Algorithms Fri PP4 PP4-10-84 10
358 Qiong ZHU A Monte Carlo study of three-color Ashkin-Teller model Mon PP1 PP1-2-37 2
359 Chen-ping ZHU Universality and Scaling Law in a Distance-dependent Correlated Percolation Model Fri PP4 PP4-10-85 10