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Boltzmann Medalists

Giovanni Jona-Lasinio (Univ. La Sapienza, Rome, Italy)
To what extent is it possible to extend thermodynamics to nonequilibrium?
Harry L. Swinney (Univ. Texas, Austin, USA)
Instabilities and chaos in nonequilibrium systems: interaction of experiment and theory

Ken Wilson Memorial Session Speakers

Leo P. Kadanoff (Univ. Chicago, USA)
Kenneth Geddes Wilson, 1936-2013, An Appreciation
John Cardy (Univ. Oxford, UK)
The Legacy of Ken Wilson

Plenary Speakers

R. Behringer (Duke Univ, USA)
Statistical properties of granular materials near jamming
L. de Arcangelis (Second Univ of Naples, Italy)
Criticality in the brain
H. Löwen (Univ of Düsseldorf, Germany)
Statistical physics of colloids: from passive to active particles
S. Majumdar (Univ of Paris Sud at Orsay, France)
Top eigenvalue of a random matrix: large deviations
T. W. Noh (Seoul National Univ, Korea)
Percolation approaches to resistance switching phenomena and related nonvolatile memories
S. Smirnov (Univ of Geneve, Switzerland)
CFT and SLE and 2D statistical physics
M. Vergassola (Inst Pasteur, France)
Biological strategies of motility
X. -G. Wen (PITP/MIT, Canada)
Long-range entanglements: from new states of quantum matter to an unified origin of light and electrons

Invited Speakers

E. Altman (Weizmann Inst of Science, Israel)
Many-body localization and dynamical quantum phase transitions in random systems
O. Biham (Hebrew Univ, Israel)
Information processing in genetic regulatory networks
L. Cipelletti (Univ of Montpellier 2, France)
Decoupling of viscosity and structural relaxation time in supercooled colloidal hard spheres
Y. Couder (Univ Paris Diderot, France)
A fluid dynamics wave-particle duality: how quantum-like properties emerge from path-memory
J. de Gier (Univ of Melbourne, Australia)
Rigorous results for integrable lattice models using discrete parafermions
E. Del Gado (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Soft matter in construction
D. Dhar (TIFR, India)
Modelling proportionate growth
B. Doyon (King's College, London, UK)
Random loops and conformal field theory
J. Fineberg (Hebrew Univ, Israel)
How things slide: rapid dynamics at the onset of friction
Y. Fyodorov (Queen Mary, London, UK)
Freezing phenomena and extremes in disordered multifractals:
from 1/f noises to Riemann zeta-function and decaying burgers turbulence
A. Gabrielli (ISC-CNR, Rome, Italy)
A network analysis and new metrics for countries competitiveness and products complexity from the world trade web
M. González (MIT, USA)
From daily motifs of human travel to road usage patterns
J. Gore (MIT, USA)
Cooperation, cheating, and collapse in microbial populations
O. Hallatschek (UC Berkeley, USA)
The acceleration of epidemic outbreaks by long range jumps
B. Hof (MPI Göttingen, Germany)
Universality class and critical exponents for the transition to turbulence
H. G. Katzgraber (Texas A&M, USA)
Four decades of frustration: advances, algorithms and applications in spin-glass physics
E. Kim (KAIST, Korea)
Supersolidity and plasticity of solid helium at low temperatures
B. J. Kim (Sungkyunkwan Univ, Korea)
Geographic information and physics of society
K. Kobayashi (Osaka Univ, Japan)
Nonequilibrium current fluctuation in quantum coherent conductors
C. Kollath (Univ of Geneva, Switzerland)
Dynamics of ultra cold atoms in optical lattices
W. Krauth (ENS Paris, France)
Melting in two dimensions: new algorithms, new insights
A. Kuniba (Univ of Tokyo, Japan)
Physical mathematics of Bethe ansatz
P. Le Doussal (LPTENS École Normale Supérieure Paris, France)
Universal statistics for directed polymers and the Kardar Parisi Zhang equation: new tools from integrable systems and replica
K. J. Lee (Korea Univ, Korea)
Collective dynamics of biological cells
H. Makse (CUNY, USA)
Viral influence spreading in social networks
V. Martin-Mayor (Univ Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
Taming large fluctuations in disordered systems
J. Moore (UC Berkeley/LBNL, USA)
Transport with and without integrability in one-dimensional quantum systems
T. Mori (Univ of Tokyo, Japan)
Phase transitions in systems with non-additive long-range interactions
S. Nagel (Univ of Chicago, USA)
Jamming as a paradigm of disorder
J. D. Noh (Univ of Seoul, Korea)
Fluctuations of heat in nonequilibrium systems
M. Oshikawa (Univ of Tokyo, Japan)
Dynamical theory of superfluidity in one dimension
P. Pincus (UCSB, USA)
Instability of polyion suspensions
J. -F. Pinton (CNRS & ENS de Lyon, France)
Turbulence and dynamics in the lagrangian reference frame, using smart particles
A. Polkovnikov (Boston Univ, USA)
Universal dynamics near continuous phase transitions
S. Redner (Boston Univ, USA)
Dynamics of Consensus and Influence-Propagation
S. Rychkov (CERN, France)
Solving the critical 3D Ising model with the conformal bootstrap
T. Sagawa (Univ of Tokyo, Japan)
Fluctuation theorem for information exchanges
S. -i. Sasa (Kyoto Univ, Japan)
Steady state thermodynamics
K. Takeuchi (Univ of Tokyo, Japan)
Exploring universal out-of-equilibrium scaling laws with turbulent liquid crystal
U. Täuber (Virginia Tech, USA)
Environmental vs. demographic variability in stochastic lattice predator-prey models
M. Tsubota (Osaka City Univ, Japan)
Hydrodynamic instability and turbulence in quantum fluids
Y. Tu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA)
Nonequilibrium physics in biochemical networks: the energy cost of adaptation
A. Walczak (ENS Paris, France)
Quantifying the diversity of antibody receptors
T. Xiang (CAS, Beijing, China)
Renormalization of tensor network states
J. Yeomans (Univ of Oxford, UK)
Stirring by microswimmers
L. Zdeborova (CEA Saclay, France)
From crystal nucleation to fast data acquisition