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Welcome Reception


  • Date : July 24(Wed), 2013
  • Time : 18:30 – 20:30
  • Place : Geomungo Hall(3F), The-K Hotel
  • Cost : 70,000 won
  • Note : Cancellation & Refund can be asked by e-mail(regi@statphys25.org) until 22, June, 2013.
    The organizing committee will refund the banquet fee except handling fee.


The excursions are scheduled for Wednesday, July 24th. There is an additional charge to participate in each excursion program. The excursion aims at showcasing dynamic metropolitan Seoul, its natural beauty and cultural abundance to conference participants and their accompanying persons. The choice of excursion programs should be pre-indicated through the online registration system. Please note that all programs are on first-come-first-served basis.

Tel: +82-2-566-6031 l Fax: +82-2-566-6087 l E-mail: regi@statphys25.org

Reservation Process

Reservation for excursion programs must be made in advance electronically, using the link “Excursion Reservation” via the online registration system. You can visit the online excursion registration page through the link below.

Reservation & Payment

  • All participants and accompanying persons can register for the following tours at the rates indicated.
  • If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour may be cancelled.
  • The itinerary may change due to local conditions.
  • Cancellation & Refund can be asked by e-mail(regi@statphys25.org) until 22, June, 2013. The organizing committee will refund the excursion fee except handling fee.
  • E1 DMZ & The 3rd North Korean Tunnel Tour (12:15 - 18:00)
    Tour Desk – Imjingak Park – Lunch – The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel – DMZ Theater – DMZ Exhibition Hall – Dorasan Observatory – Dorasan Station – Tour Desk
    KRW89,000/person (Minimum 20 persons basis, Light lunch included)
    Truly a unique & rare experience in the whole world. This visit will leave you with a dramatic sense of the tremendous tragedy of separated families, the division of the peninsula and the hopes for reunification. The North Korean 3rd Tunnel is one of several underground tunnels dug under the DMZ (demilitarized zone) by North Korea for the purpose of infiltrating troops into South Korea in case of hostilities. It is deep under the surface and tourists are invited to descend to the bottom to view it for themselves. Cameras are permitted in the DMZ but it is essential that all visitors bring along their passports.
  • E2 Korean Folk Village (13:00 - 18:00)
    Tour Desk – Korean Folk Village - Tour Desk
    KRW 66,000/person (Minimum 20 persons basis)
    Korean Folk Village is a living museum that recreates the lifestyle of several centuries ago. There are potters, weavers, blacksmiths, and other artisans who practice their trades in traditional fashion. There are also 240 traditional homes and a small amphitheater for music and folk dances.
  • E3 Seoul City 1 (13:00 - 18:00)
    Tour desk – Gyeongbok Palace – National Museum of Korea – Enjoy Taekwondo performance at Namsangol Hanok Village – Tour desk
    KRW50,000/person (Minimum 20 persons basis)
    Gyeongbokgung Palace is built in 1394 as a primary residence for the royal family. The National Folk Museum displays the lifestyle of ancient Koreans. There are 20,000 vestiges, with a total of 4,000 folk relics.
    The National Museum of Korea holds a collection of approximately 150,000 works of art. The museum holds permanent collections of ancient artifacts, historical artifacts, works of art, donations, and Asia related cultural artifacts. Further, the garden outside the museum offers an outdoor exhibition of stone pagodas and a variety of stone constructed relics from history.
  • E4 Seoul City 2 (13:00 - 18:00)
    Tour Desk – Changdeok Palace – Bukchon Hanok Village – Cheonggyecheon Plaza - N Seoul Tower - Tour Desk
    KRW64,000/person (Minimum 20 persons basis)
    Changdeokgung Palace, the second royal villa built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace in 1405 is surrounded by trees and wooded hillside on the northern fringe of Seoul. Nestled between two royal palaces, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village is home to hanoks, many of which have been transformed into accommodation and other commercial facilities while maintaining their traditional layout that is native to Korea. A landmark of the metropolitan city of Seoul, N Seoul Tower was introduced as new name from Namsan Tower and is providing more fun and excitement. From the highest point, N Seoul Tower has been embracing the city for the last 25 years giving memories and stories to people.
  • E5 Seoul City 3 (13:00 - 18:00)
    Tour Desk – Han River Cruise – Seonyoudo Park - Tour Desk
    KRW66,000/person (Minimum 20 persons basis)
    Hangang River Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around Hangang River that flows through Seoul. Cool wind from the river, the surrounding scenery, which get more beautiful in the evenings, are the rewards the ferry cruise can offer you. On the cruise, you can see Hangang River’s beautiful scenery, the surrounding islands, Jeoldusan Park, the 63 Building, N Seoul Tower, Jamsil’s Multi Sports Complex, and other famous tourist spots.
    Seonyudo Park located in the center of the Yanghwa Bridge is the first nature-recycled ecological park which was made from the former water purifying facility buildings and also a ‘water’ park. Visitors can enjoy diverse water plants and ecological forest here with the water purifying center, water plant center and the environment water surrounding the premises.