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Deadline : June 14, 2013

The Organizing Committee has selected a range of dormitories and hotels in different rate categories for participants of STATPHYS25. While the university dormitories and some hotels can be reserved through the STATPHYS25 registration page, we have also posted another set of hotels but require contacting them directly. You may review the options by clicking the tabs below.



* If you are staying at a hotel, you may take the subway and then take either a regular bus or school shuttle bus from the Seoul National University Station or Soongsil University Station. Please refer to the details below.


Hotel Remarks Departure Station Transfer Station Destination Fare
Casaville Samsung Residence No subway transfer
Samsung St. /
Line 2
Seoul National University St. / Line 2 (Gate 3) KRW 1,050-1,150
*Payable in Korean currency ONLY
COATEL Chereville Gang-nam St. /
Line 2
IBIS Ambassador Seoul Seolleung St. /
Line 2
PROVISTA Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education St. / Line 2
Renaissance Seoul Hotel Yeok-sam St. /
Line 2
Seoul Palace Hotel Express Bus
Terminal St. /
Line 7
Soongsil Univ. St. / Line 7 (Gate 2)
Subway Transfer
Express Bus
Terminal St. /
Line 3
To line 2 at Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education St. Seoul National University St. /
Line 2 (Gate 3)
The-K Seoul Hotel Yangjae
Citizen's Forest St. /
Shin Bundang Line
To line 2 at Gang-nam St.
Dormy Inn Seoul Sinnonhyeon St. /
Line 9
To line 7 at Express Bus Terminal St. Soongsil Univ. St. / Line 7
(Gate 2)

* You can download the interactive route map of the Seoul Subway system from Cyber Station > Click

Bus (Transfer)  

Departure Bus No. Destination Frequency Travel Time Fare Remarks
Soongsil Univ. St.
(Gate 2)

5511 Seoul National University
(Main Gate)
13-14 min
30 min

KRW 1,050

*Payable in Korean currency ONLY

Walk from Main Gate of SNU to Cultural Center/Multimedia Lecture Building (5 min)
Seoul Nat'l Unvi. St.
(Gate 3)
5511,5513 10 min
Gwanak-gu Office
(Gate 3)

* Bus No. 5511 (Clockwise) and 5513 (Counter-Clockwise) circulate the campus. You can also get off at Administration building(To the Cultural Center) or College of Business Administration building(To the Multimedia Lecture Building).
* For detailed information for taking bus in Seoul, please click here > Click


Departure Destination Travel Time Estimated Fare
Hotel Name Address
Seoul Palace Hotel 160 Sapyeong-daero,
Seoul National University
(Cultural Center / Multimedia Lecture Building)
30 min KRW 10,900
Provista Hotel #1677-8 Seocho-1dong,
30 min KRW 11,400
Renaissance Seoul Hotel 676 Yeoksam-dong,
33 min KRW 12,900
IBIS Ambassador Seoul 893-1, Daechi-dong,
38 min KRW 15,000
Casaville Samsung Residence 945-29, Daechi-dong,
38 min KRW 15,100
The-K Seoul Hotel 70 Baumoe-ro 12-gil,
32 min KRW 12,900
COATEL Chereville 1330 Seocho-Dong,
32 min KRW 12,200
Dormy Inn Seoul 205-8, Nonhyun-Dong,
36 min KRW 13,100

* Actual fare paid will depend on traffic conditions, route taken, and specific drop-off destinations
* Payable in Korean currency ONLY.

* Participants using the taxi to get to the venue simply print the message below and show it to the driver

* You can download pdf files by clicking each images.

From Soongsil University to the Venue

To the Cultural Center:

  1. Green bus No. 5511 (get off at Administration Building)
  2. Blue bus No. 750A, 501 (get off at the SNU Main gate)
  • To get to the Cultural Center faster, please get off at the main gate of SNU and walk to the Cultural Center and it’ll take 10 minutes on foot.
  • No. 5511 circulates the campus Clockwise, from the main entrance towards the Administration Building.

To the Multimedia Lecture Building(83):

  1. Green bus. No. 5511
    (get off at College of Business Administration Building)
  2. Blue bus No. 750A, 501 (get off at the SNU Main gate
  • To get to the Multimedia Lecture Building, please take bus no. 5511, which circulate the campus Clockwise, from the main entrance towards the College of Business Administration Building.